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Who is Gluten Intolerance Group of North Texas?

  Gluten Intolerance Group of North Texas is a branch of The Gluten Intolerance Group of North America , also known as GIGNA, and is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Our mission is to increase awareness by providing current, accurate, information and education, as well as support to persons with gluten intolerance diseases, such as celiac disease and dermatitis herpetiformis, their families, health care professionals and the general public in the Greater North Texas area.


  On February 10th, 2003 a Large Multi center Study was published regarding the prevalence of Celiac Disease in At-Risk and Not-At-Risk Groups in the United States.

Click here to view the abstract.




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GIGNT Support Group Meeting and GF 101


February 6th, 2016
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9:00 AM - 101 Class  (No Cost)
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM Support Group Meeting
10:00 AM  GF 101 Class

The Hills Church, 6300 NE Loop 820, N. Richland Hills, TX 76180 (for directions and map to the church, click here)

Click here for a map of the church.   GF 101 Class meets in either room 217 or 218
Support Group Meeting is in room 214/216



We would like to invite you to come to our February 6th 2016 monthly meeting.  We meet at The Hills Church 6300 NE Loop 820, North Richland Hills, TX 76180 at 10:00A.M.  What a treat we have for you.  Karen Morgan, owner of Blackbird Bakery, in Austin Texas will be our guest speaker.  She will also bringing some of her delicious baked goods for us to sample. 
Karen Morgan is the renowned gluten-free chef that has written 2 cookbooks, Blackbird Bakery Gluten-Free and The Everyday Art of Gluten-Free, and is the creator of the revolutionary Blackbird Bakery Gluten-Free Flour Blend line, which her second book is centered around. Morgan founded Blackbird Bakery in 2008 and has been serving Austin her freshly made artisanal gluten-free breads and gourmet pastries ever since. 
She shines doing what she does best: making amazing, doesn't-taste-or-look-gluten-free-at-all gluten-free food!
Karen believe that a gluten-free diet shouldn't require you to sacrifice taste.  Blackbird bakery is 100% gluten free, 100% natural and 100% Non-GMO.
When Karen was first diagnosed with celiac disease in 2002, she had no culinary experience other than early memories of sitting on her mother’s kitchen counter scooping butter into mixing bowls for cookies. There weren’t any cooking schools based on the then-limited gluten-free techniques and, according to Karen, the only available cookbooks were stodgy and old. “You weren’t really getting any good information out there,” she says. “Only if you wanted to know how to make an adobe brick loaf of bread that was so dense you could probably kill someone with it.” 
After trying and retrying recipes in her kitchen, Karen says that one day she just threw all of the books away—deciding, instead, to pursue something completely different and teach herself how to make something that she, and others, would want to eat. She got the opportunity to do just that in Nans-sous-Sainte-Anne, France, when she and her then-chef boyfriend were hired to work for a bed-and-breakfast for four months in 2006. Karen endeavored to make everything sans gluten during that period of time. “She received standing ovations every night,” she recalls. “If you can fool the French, then you can really make change in America,” she says. 
Upon returning to the U.S., Morgan started sharing her work locally with fellow chefs, such as David Garrido, formerly of Jeffrey’s, and Shawn Cirkiel, of Parkside, as well as nationally with students at Whole Foods Market, Sur La Table, Williams-Sonoma and the Institute of Culinary Education in New York City where she taught. She founded Blackbird Bakery online in 2008, and was able to open up her shop and sweets to wholesale clients worldwide. And a few years later, she shared her years of exertion and energy in her first cookbook, “Blackbird Bakery Gluten-Free.”
In May 2014, Karen officially released her flour blends—Biscuit, Bread & Pizza, Pie & Pasta, Cake & Muffin, Cookie Jar and Donut & Fritter.
Morgan’s new cookbook is based on these flour blends. “It explains the philosophy behind them, how I engineered them,” she says. “You can be a professional chef working at one of the best restaurants in the world, but if you were asked to make a phenomenal loaf of brioche or flawless crepes without gluten, you would be stumped. This book is really supposed to be a bible and a turnkey to help people unlock the secrets to baking and cooking gluten-free.”
Gluten Free 101  Class
If you are newly diagnosed with any condition that needs to follow a gluten-free diet, we highly recommend coming to our monthly class 'Gluten Free 101 - An introduction to Living Gluten Free'. This class meets across the hall from our regular monthly meetings and will give you a good foundation. The class starts at 10:00 am (in a separate room) and ends around noon. Snacks and water will be served. This class is free, but registration is required. Registration is open to patients, family members, and medical professionals. To register, send an email to
 If you are familiar with baking gluten free, please bring a dish to share with everyone. Make copies of your recipe for others to pick up and take with them. We all love getting new recipes.
 We need more folks to bake and bring. If you are new to the diet or not comfortable with baking gluten free yet, don’t feel obligated to bring anything.

The room can be a little cool sometimes so you may want to bring a jacket if you are cold natured.
I look forward to seeing each and every one of you at the meeting on Saturday February 6th at 10:00 A.M.